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ADUALYTIC AH90 Desktop Network Streamer & DAC/AMP

ADUALYTIC AH90 Desktop Network Streamer & DAC/AMP

For any desktop chain, a dedicated all-in-one device is a solid choice. One single device that can perform everything right from sound signal decoding to headphone amplification. And if it has streaming services as well, then it’s even a better choice. Today, we are super excited to announce a brand new desktop network streamer that features a premium DAC chipset and a strong headphone amp section as well, introducing the all-new AUDALYTIC AH90. The AH90 is a flagship-level product with AKM’s current flagship desktop DAC chip, precise FPGA architecture, high-power headphone output section, etc. It promises crisp sound signal decoding with smooth network streaming and supports both single-ended as well as balanced headphones, everything in a single device. Prepare yourself to get enhanced performance on your desktop with the AUDALYTIC AH90!!


AUDALYTIC AH90 Network Streamer and DAC/AMP is launched officially for 599.99$, check out more information here.

AUDALYTIC has equipped the AH90 with the AKM’s current flagship AK499EX 32-bit DAC chipset with its AK4191 Modulator. it provides crisp high-resolution audio signal decoding and also provides the output with a rich velvety touch. The device features an XMOS XU316 3rd-generation 16-core processor as well that enables 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals. Along with USB, we also have Coax and Optical digital inputs. The AH90 supports MQA decoding across all the inputs supporting 8x unfolding. We also have a network streaming function here on the AUDALYTIC AH90 supporting apps and functions including Roon Bridge, UPnP, Airplay, Tidal, Spotify, etc. As per the brand, more protocols will be added with future updates to the device.


AUDALYTIC has also featured a precise FPGA architecture on the AH90. It features a CK01 clock module with low-jitter noise oscillators. This FPGA architecture on the AH90 has been optimised for smooth high-resolution audio signal decoding with great precision. The I/V conversion circuit houses dual OPA1612 OPAMPs. AUDALYTIC AH90 has a high-power headphone amp section supporting both single-ended and balanced headphones. It has a 6.35mm single-ended port and another 4.4mm balanced headphone port. The maximum output power rating through the balanced connection is 1W at 32Ω of impedance load.


AUDALYTIC AH90 is a premium desktop device. It has multiple digital filters including Short Delay Sharp, Short Delay Slow, Slow, Sharp, Etc. These help users fine-tune the output to their liking. The device houses a built-in low-noise power supply promising top-quality sound performance from your desktop setup. It is an amazing device full of advanced functions and features. AUDALYTIC has priced the AH90 quite competitively at 599.99$, which in our opinion is a solid price point for this device. You can check out more details here.

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