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Matrix Element Second-Generation All-In-One Devices: Innovative 3.46" Touchscreen Display

Access Multiple Operations On The Matrix Second-Generation Desktop Streamers Using 3.46" Innovative Display

With the latest second-generation of Matrix Element devices, we are getting a unique and innovative touch screen. One can fully access entire features of the device using a large 3.46” touch screen display available at the front. It is featured in all three products of the Element series including the entry-level i2, Mid-level M2, the flagship X2. This 3.46” touchscreen display is one of the main updates that the Element series has got with its second-generation products. It displays the current playback settings with its bright and rich display. At the same time, it provides you with an easy-to-use touch-screen method to control the playback and various other settings. Today, with this blog we will be sharing some ways that you can use the innovative features of the Second Generation of Element series using this touch screen.

Using the Playback Control Area:-

Right alongside the screen on the Matrix Element Second-Generation devices, we have got playback control keys. All the buttons in this area are touch-sensitive bringing full control of the playback right to your fingertips. One-key playback control allows you to access the playback easily and control it. Check out the video below to check the features and accessibility of the playback control area.

Switch The Input Channels From The Touchscreen:-

The second generation of the Element series of Matrix products features a variety of input interfaces including Optical Fiber, Coaxial, I2S, and USB on the i2, and the M2 gets HDMI ARC input. On top of these two, the flagship X2 also features an analog signal input interface. You can simply switch between these input channels through the touchscreen, check out the video below to find out more details.


How to Switch Output Channels:-

The second generation of the Element series has three different output modes. The output channels can be switched by simply plugging or unplugging the headphones or you can manually specify and choose an output mode. It supports headphone output, line output, and automatic switching mode. In headphone output, line output gets closed and both the 6.35mm+4.4mm headphone outputs work. In line-output mode, the Headphone outputs stop working and you get output via the Line-output ports. In the third mode, Automatic mode, the device will automatically switch to headphone mode whenever you plug in a headphone output. As soon as you unplug your headphones, the line output will start working. To understand this better check out the video below.


Upgrade Your Firmware:-

Matrix Element series of devices have always offered you easy methods to upgrade the firmware using MA Remote Application. Upgrading the firmware on the second generation is even better and easier. It allows you to directly upgrade the firmware from the settings menu on the innovative touchscreen available at the front of the device!!! Check the video below to check more details.


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