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7Hz Timeless: Latest Planar Magnetic Beautiful Earphones

7Hz Timeless: Latest Planar Magnetic Beautiful Earphones

7Hz is a premium HiFi earphone manufacturing brand founded in 2018. They consist of a team of professional engineers and audio enthusiasts that focus primarily on developing high-resolution earphones with quality drivers and accurate circuitry design. 7Hz denotes the Theta Wave frequency that is associated with meditation and peaceful frequency range. The name reflects the motto of the brand to design IEMs with a peaceful and musical tuning that complements different genres together.

7Hz Timeless-1

Today, 7Hz has introduced their latest pair of in-ear monitors, the 7Hz Timeless featuring a 14.2mm planar magnetic driver with an ultra-thin diaphragm. The pair adopts a powerful double-sided N52 neodymium magnetic architecture. It has a CNC machined aluminum ear shell. 7Hz Timeless is available in two different variants with 3.5mm or 4.4mm termination plug options starting at 219.99$. Check out more details here.
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>Large 14.2mm Planar Driver.

>Ultra-Thin Diaphragm.

>Powerful Double-Sided Neodymium Magnet.

>Custom-developed high-quality cable.

>Standard MMCX connectors.

>Available in both 3.5mm/4.4mm termination options.

>Impedance: 14.8 ohm.

>Sensitivity: 104dB.

>THD+N: <0.2%.

>Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz.

>Product Weight: 5.5g/single earbud.

Premium Planar Driver Technology:-

7Hz Timeless adopts a large 14.2mm planar driver with an ultra-thin diaphragm. This diaphragm measures only 2mm in thickness enabling a fast response time with the pair. The pair produces excellent dynamics with great clarity throughout a wide frequency response range. The pair has an extended response range of 5Hz-40kHz.

7Hz Timeless-2

Powerful Neodymium Magnetic Circuit:-

7Hz Timeless earphones have a powerful dual-sided neodymium magnetic circuit that produces a high magnetic flux allowing for the swift movement of the driver diaphragm. This results in a natural, balanced, and high-quality sound production.

Premium CNC Machined Aluminum Alloy Ear Cavities:-

Each earphone shell here in Timeless is made from a single mold of aviation-grade aluminum alloy and high-strength oxidation treatment to make the shells extremely durable and wear-resistant. They are extremely lightweight weighing in at just 5 grams for each earpiece. The pair has an ergonomic shape to them that allows for a comfortable and firm fit for most users.

7Hz Timeless-3

High-Quality Cable:-

7Hz Timeless comes with a high-purity cable. The inner core is made with single-crystal copper+silver-plated single crystal copper cores. The outer silver foil wire has a coaxial shielding for a warm sound and durable hearing.

Price & Availability:-

7Hz Timeless is available in two different variants with 3.5mm or 4.4mm termination options. The pair starts at 220$ for the 3.5mm variant and goes up to 225$ for the 4.4mm variant. Shipments have already begun, order yours today.

As with all our orders, we offer free express worldwide shipping on orders above 500$. We also offer free priority shipping for selected regions for orders above 100$ check out more details on our shipping policy here.

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