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7 Updates in FIIL T1 X VS.T1 wireless earbuds | Hifigo

7 Updates in FIIL T1 X VS.T1 wireless earbuds | Hifigo

A lot of people are already familiar with the recently released FIIL T1. And they’ve certainly been selling like hotcakes. Well…FIIL has just released an upgraded model, the FIIL T1 X. And if you’ve been thinking about investing in the FIIL T1 but have yet to pull the trigger, consider yourself lucky.

The first batch of reservations since today, Aug.20th
SRP at USD64.99.

What upgrades can you expect?

1. Quick charging 2.0

FIIL T1 X  features quick charging function which is still rare on TWS. It could provide 1-hour listening with just 5 minutes charging.  The quick charging function of FIIL T1 X will only take 40 minutes for a full charge of the earbuds.   

2. Type -c interface

FIIL update charging interface of the case from Micro USB to Type-c.

3. Share Mode & Single Mode in addition

Share Mode: With this TWS earbuds you can share music or video with your friend, lover, family. You all will enjoy the high-quality stereo sound listening time.
Single Mode: Each of the Bluetooth earbuds can be used for single-channel mode, ideal for driving or avoiding missing the sound around you.

4. Faster and more stable  connection

This optimized mobile chipset results in significantly increased performance by bringing a faster transmission, stronger anti-interference, and a more stable connection.

5. Battery life improved

Though they didn't change the capacity of the battery, the low-power chip offers 36hours in calling mode instead of 24hours of T.

6. Noise cancellation improved

The cavity is uniquely designed to refine the sound frequencies and absorb the unwanted reflection and diffraction to provide 3-D surround sound. Its right contour and impeccable seal cancel out the external noise to protect your hearing.SNR is increased by 30%.

7. App FIIL+ supported

FIIL T1 X support to operate by APP FIIL+ in addition. FIIL+ App comes with a smart burn-in mode that has pre-set steps and time, and automatic volume adjustment feature, allowing you to burn-in your brand-new.
Bluetooth mode offers different sound effects. Enjoy the all-round audio feast
with different audio quality, sound field, and listening mode. Check your battery use anywhere, anytime. Never again be left without power.


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Roberto - May 12, 2020

just received one of this wireless earbuds, they are amazing! But if they comes with Chinese voice indications can I change this to Eglish?


Jay - March 17, 2020

Alaric Boker it’s the silicone tip not the driver

Derek - February 15, 2020

You cant find the app in the play store but you can download it directly from the internet if you search for fiil t1x apk. Hopefully this helps someone.

Ard - February 5, 2020

does anyone know if the FiiL app is available in Europe, the Netherlands? I cannot find it in de Google play store

Alaric boker - January 29, 2020

Bought these. There is a crackling sound of the drivers with and without playing music
Can’t chew or yawn.. … Air pressure?
It is annoying.

Any solution available?

StuckinNNJ - January 29, 2020

The app is no longer in Play Store for Google

Larry mack - January 15, 2020

can’t download the app please n thank you

markus - January 5, 2020

@Matthias: Try the Fiil+ android app instead of the FIIL+ Global app.

Matthias - December 9, 2019

As far as I know, the FIIL+ Global app does not support the T1X model on Android as of 05.12.2019. Hopefully they will work on it.

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