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xDuoo XD05 Portable DAC/AMP Series Guide: Which One Is Suitable For You??

xDuoo XD05 Portable DAC/AMP Series Guide: Which One Is Suitable For You??

xDuoo is one of the prominent HiFi audio brands from China. With a primary focus on developing high-quality audio gear, xDuoo has created a wide arsenal of products mainly specialising in the DAC and Amp department. They have both desktops as well as portable audio gear, but one of the product series from xDuoo has always stood apart. We are talking about their XD05 series of portable DAC/AMPs. The legacy began back in 2018 with the official release of the very first product in the series, the xDuoo XD05. xDuoo constantly worked on the series bringing more products to the lineup including a slightly upgraded XD05 Plus, a revamp came to the series in 2020 in the form of XD05 Basic followed by a balanced variant, the XD05 Bal, and quite recently bringing an ultimate flagship in the form of XD05 Pro. As of now in 2023, we have a total of five products that are actively selling under the xDuoo XD05 series, the XD05 Plus, the XD05 Bal, the XD05 Plus 2, the XD05 Bal2, and the XD05 Pro.

xDuoo XD05 Pro-1

The series is big with five offerings, while all of these are portable USB DAC/AMPs with identical form factors, each one differs on its own in terms of usability and features which makes every single one of them stand apart from each other. Today, this blog guide is primarily focused on explaining these different models of the xDuoo XD05 series. Where which one excels and which one is suitable for what scenarios, we are going to cover everything in today’s blog. So let’s not waste any more time and get our reading glasses on!!

xDuoo XD05 Pro: The Ultimate Flagship Portable USB DAC/AMP!!

After a lot of anticipation, we recently got the XD05 Pro from xDuoo. It’s the ultimate flagship from the brand in terms of portable USB DAC/AMPs. More than portable this one has a transportable design. It’s an ultimate device which has been designed with a primary focus to deliver unmatched sound performance with no compromises. The primary feature of the XD05 Pro is the swappable audio module design. Users can replace the audio motherboards which include the DAC and OPAMP amp chipset. xDuoo officially unveiled it with the current-gen flagship ES9039S Pro DAC chipset from ESS Sabre Technologies. Quite recently, xDuoo also released another audio motherboard for the XD05 Pro with ROHM DAC chipset. Not to mention, xDuoo has used only top-tier chips and components to ensure top-level performance with its ultimate flagship portable USB DAC/AMP. It comes equipped with a class A amp that provides a tremendously powerful output thrust of up to 2W. it has both Balanced and Single-ended Headphone connection support including 4.4mm and 6.35mm headphone output ports. xDuoo XD05 pro is designed for purists who want nothing but true Hi-Res sound and also the ability to try different signatures by simply replacing the audio modules. It also has high-definition Bluetooth connectivity for signal input. Even with all these features and premium components, xDuoo manages to keep the price of the XD05 Pro in control at just 799$(Other devices with such features are priced way above in the 1500-2000$ price bracket).

xDuoo XD05 Pro-2

Who will prefer the XD05 Pro?

Just like I stated earlier, the XD05 Pro is primarily for people who want nothing else but pure sound performance with no compromises. It is also suitable for people who crave versatility in a single device. With a replaceable audio motherboard design, users can get multiple sound profiles. With its strong 2W output, it is the most powerful USB DAC/AMP in the series and can drive even the demanding headphones with ease. xDuoo XD05 Pro might not be the perfect portable device, but its strong sound performance will make you want to carry this around anywhere you go!! The best part is you can also use it as a dedicated desktop DAC, it holds a pleothra of input-output options.

xDuoo XD05 Bal 2: Latest Generation Balanced Portable USB DAC/AMP!!

xDuoo released the XD05 Bal2 was introduced earlier this year only. It came as a successor to the highly acclaimed XD05 Bal, the only DAC/AMP in the series(apart from the recently launched XD05 Pro) to feature balanced 4.4mm headphone outputs. Basically, xDuoo introduced the 4.4mm headphone port on the XD05 Bal in the series. The primary upgrade with the latest-generation XD05 Bal2 is the new improved amplification chipset that promises a stronger output thrust of 1500mW compared to the regular 1000mW output of the OG XD05 Bal. At the very core, the XD05 Bal2 houses dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips along with an XMOS XU316 USB processor for unmatched Hi-Res audio signal decoding support and accurate USB signal processing. It features 4.4mm balanced and 6.35mm single-ended connections and provides the same 1.5W of output through both ports. The XD05 Bal2 also has a swappable OPAMP design allowing the users to take full control of the output and adjust it to their liking. We have wireless Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity as well for high-resolution audio signal input wirelessly. It’s a great USB DAC/AMP with a versatile layout and balanced connection support. xDuoo XD05 Bal2 is priced quite attractively at just 429$!!

xDuoo XD05 Bal2-1

Who will prefer the XD05 Bal2?

xDuoo XD05 Bal2 will mainly suit users who want a balanced connection in a powerful portable USB DAC/AMP. Well, yeah the XD05 Pro also features both connections but the XD05 Pro is almost twice in terms of price and is also bigger in terms of ergonomics. xDuoo XD05 Bal2  has a compact footprint which makes it easy to carry around and the price tag of 429$ is also good for our cause. It’s suitable for people who want powerful output, great sound performance, and pocket-friendly prices as well.

xDuoo XD05 Bal2 vs xDuoo XD05 Bal: What upgrades do we have with the second generation of Balanced XD05?

xDuoo XD05 Bal2 come as a successor to the XD05 Bal. The new Bal2 brings noticeable upgrades over the previous model starting with the power output. The XD05 Bal had an output power rating of 1W while the XD05 Bal2 has 1.5W exactly 50% more output thrust enabling easy pairing for demanding headphones. We also have a new-generation 16-core XU316 USB processor instead of the 8-core XU208 found on the XD05 Bal.  This enables cleaner signal processing resulting in better output. XD05 Bal2 is a true upgrade bringing more power output and cleaner overall presentation.

xDuoo XD05 Plus2-1

xDuoo XD05 Plus 2: Compact Yet Powerful Portable USB DAC/AMP!!

xDuoo released a successor to the classic XD05 Plus earlier this year as well. This pocket-sized portable USB DAC/AMP is a powerhouse delivering 1.2W of clean output with a rich tone thanks to the powerful output thrust and professional AK4493SEQ DAC chipset. The latest generation upgraded the DAC to the newer AK4493SEQ which promises cleaner output with high SNR and ultra-low distortion performance. We have high-quality ELNA Capacitors promising a rich and dynamic sound output.xDuoo XD05 Plus2 has a single-ended 6.35mm headphone port for easy connectivity with most headphones. It’s a well-built device that provides an amazing sound performance. It also has high-definition Bluetooth V5.1 Connectivity.

Who will prefer the XD05 Plus2?

If your headphones mainly have single-ended termination and you are strict on a budget of under 300$, the XD05 Plus2 offers the best bang for your buck with powerful output and clean, precise sound signal decoding.

xDuoo XD05 Plus2 vs XD05 Plus: Upgrades With New Generation Portable USB DAC/AMP?

XD05 Plus2 was a much-anticipated update to the classic XD05 Plus. It came this year only after about 3-4 years of the original XD05 Plus. It brought many upgrades basically including a new generation DAC, a more powerful amp section, promising cleaner and more powerful output. It definitely has improved performance and at the same time, it is about 20$ cheaper at just 269$.

xDuoo XD05 Pro-3

Final Words:-

This might sound confusing, but it is very simple to decide between the available models. If you want something top-tier, best quality performance with no compromise, we have the XD05 Pro, if you want something in the mid-fi segment with strong output, the XD05 Bal2 is amazing, and if you are strict on a budget of under 300$, want rich and dynamic sound with ample juice to drive headphones, we have the XD05 Plus2!! We hope this guide helps you make a call and if you need any further assistance you can shoot us an email at support@hifigo.com.

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