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What's New With The Latest xDuoo TA-10R:- TA-10R Vs. TA-10!!

What's New With The Latest xDuoo TA-10R:- TA-10R Vs. TA-10!!

xDuoo started the new year with a bang. They released an updated version for their highly appreciated TA-10, called the TA-10R. Here the “R” actually stands for a new color, the TA-10R is available in an all-new Red color that looks astonishingly beautiful. But what’s new with the latest TA-10R other than this color scheme?? Well to begin with a lot of things such as upgraded DAC chipset, Optical input, and much more. Even with all these new upgrades, there is no noticeable difference in the price, the TA-10R is available for just 299.90$ while the original TA-10 had a price of 290.90$. Today we are gonna discuss the various upgrades that xDuoo has brought for us with the latest TA-10R.

xDuoo TA10R-1

Features of TA-10R:-

* Classic tube 12AU7/ECC82.

* Top level XMOS 8-core chip (XU208).

* High-Performance AKM DAC chip AK4493EQ.

* USB/coaxial digital interface.

* Coaxial, Optical signal input.

* Class-A Transistor expansion.


* Dual clock system.

* Combination of tube and transistor.

* Japanese ELNA SILMC capacitors.

* Aluminum chassis.

* Magnetic tube guardrail.

* Power supply: AC 100–240V.

* Supported OS: Windows (requires drivers), Mac.

* Sample rate: USB input.

* PCM: 16–32 bit/44.1–384 kHz.

* DSD: DSD64–DSD256 (1bit/2.8M–11.2M).

* DXD: 24–32 bit/352.8–384 kHz.

* Output power: 6.35mm: 2,000 mW (at 32 ohms); XLR: 2,000 mW (at 32 ohms).

* Frequency response: 10 Hz–100 kHz(+/- 1 dB).

* Gain: +18 dB.

* Distortion: ≤ 0.01% (1 kHz, 32-ohm load).

* Suitable headphone impedance: 8–600 ohms.

* Size: 9.1 x 4.7 x 4.1 in (23 x 12 x 10.5 cm).

* Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg).

* USB input.

* One set of AUX input.

* SPDIF output.

* AUX output.

1. Upgraded Audio Signal Decoding Chip:-

xDuoo TA10R-2

To keep up with today’s line of products from other HiFi brands, xDuoo has upgraded the audio signal decoding chip(DAC Chip) in the TA-10R from AK4490 to the latest AK4493EQ. It adopts improved Velvet Sound architecture that is designed in-house by AKM technologies, achieving high-performance by optimizing the circuit design. The AK4493EQ also adopts AKM’s original dedicated audio process as the flagship DAC the Vertia AK4497EQ. This process greatly improves the original acoustic sound expression that can be found in the sound strength and data amount. The upgraded DAC provides excellent sound decoding with high-resolution clarity and detailing. It provides class-leading performance with ultra-low distortion and SNR ratings drastically improving the overall sound output.

2. Optical/Coaxial Signal Inputs:-

xDuoo TA10R-3

Most of the high-end DAC/AMPs feature Optical signal input along with other input methods. The latest TA-10R features both the Optical and Coaxial inputs along with the USB input for audio decoding. The main benefit that optical connection brings is that the audio signal doesn’t get affected by electromagnetic interferences, presenting the cleanest possible sound output for the users. There was no optical connection on the previous TA-10 and is a welcoming feature on the TA-10R. But for this users have to sacrifice on an Aux input(TA-10 features two Aux Inputs while the TA-10R features one).

Apart from the Optical connection the TA-10R still features RCA, USB, and Coaxial input connections.

3. All-New Color:-

Most of the desktop and portable audio gears in the market are usually available in two colors, Black and Silver. xDuoo has brought us the latest TA-10R in an all-new Red color that not only has excellent aluminium chassis, but also looks brilliant on our desk. It simply looks brilliant with this new color.

xDuoo TA10R-4

Well, these are the changes that xDuoo has brought for us with the updated version of the famous TA-10 Desktop DAC/AMP. The Latest TA-10R not only brings a new color but also features an updated DAC chip for a smoother, better-detailed output. You can check out more details about the TA-10R here.

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