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Top Five IEMs Under 500$: September 2021!!

Top Five IEMs Under 500$: September 2021!!

For audio enthusiasts, 2021 so far has been a fantastic year. Especially for IEM users, we have got so many new products that each one of them is tempting and interesting. We have seen the rise of EST tribrid configuration with the Moondrop Variations, We have seen some amazing Planar IEMs. This has created a small issue for the users worldwide, Whenever we are in the market for our next HiFi IEM or earphone, we get confused with so many options available within the same price segments. HiFiGo is here to help you out, We have tested, and we have brought you a list of Top Five HiFi IEMs that you can buy today!! We have made this list with one among different price segments in the sub 500$ range(Like the best under 100$, Best under 200$, and so on). So, before wasting any more time, let’s begin.

Top Five IEMs-1

KZ ZAS: The Powerful Performer Sub 100$.

Only one thing comes to my mind when we talk about the KZ ZAS, fun, just pure fun. The pair delivers an outstandingly powerful bass response, that is clean and controlled within its own region. The best part is even with such a powerful, deep-hitting, punchy bass response, the pair manages to provide you a clean response for other frequencies too. Dynamics such as Imaging, Staging, and Layering of instruments are simply top-notch and hails the KZ ZAS a king under the 100$ price segment. If you are looking for something fun, something that you can use for an immersive experience, that too at an affordable price, you will never go wrong with the KZ ZAS at just 66$.



>Powerful, clean sound.

>Impactful basshead level bass response.

>Rich clarity throughout the frequency response range.


>Bass can be too much for natural listeners(Nitpick).

Order here.

Tri i3 Pro: The Classic Revamped, A Smooth Set Sub 200$.

A few months back, Tri revamped its highly-acclaimed tribrid set the I3 introducing us to the latest I3 Pro. The pair featured the same trusted combination of DD+Planar+BA delivering nothing else but a smooth, highly detailed sound. The mids are here so majestic, that we bet you are gonna fall in love with the vocals and acoustic presentation with this set. Mids is not the only attraction here, the pair delivers, impactful bass response, rich clarity, and a smooth, non-fatiguing treble response. Not to mention the beautiful shiny look of the pair. TRI I3 Pro ever since I tried it, has become my default recommendation under the 200$ segment. Available for just 189$.

Tri I3 Pro-1


>Excellent lower-end response, DD does its magic here.

>Well-textured, Clean sound presentation.

>Mids create the magic here.

>Treble energy is pretty solid.


>Nothing in sound, But the pair is a fingerprint magnet.

Order here.

See Audio Bravery: A Successful Community Project, Sub 300$.

It is very rare to see any brand involving the entire community in deciding the tuning and final look of their new project. This is exactly what See Audio did with the latest See Audio Bravery. They created several polls on the internet asking the community to choose the final look, the final tuning of The Bravery. Bravery that retails at just 279$, packs a quad-BA configuration. The pair delivers an amazing listening experience with its smooth tuning, high technical details, fast bass response, and obviously its rich set of accessories. TBH a steal at just 279$.

See Audio Bravery-1


>Smooth & non-fatiguing presentation.

>Excellent detailing.

>Fast & accurate bass response.

>Rich vocals.

>Premium accessories.


>Not the widest soundstage here.

>Bass extension can be better.

Order here.

Honorable Mention: 7Hz Timeless: Planar Magic Sub 300$.

7Hz Timeless is simply an amazing set. It offers a new circular dome shape look with a planar magnetic driver. Timeless offers the users a rich, refined tonality with powerful lower end, natural vocals, and detailed treble response. The pair has holographic imaging with outstanding dynamics such as layering, detailing, and tonal presentation for the instruments. 7Hz Timeless is an exceptionally good performer sub 300$ price range and shares the spot of best IEM in this segment with the See Audio Bravery. The pair is priced at 219.99$.

7Hz Timeless-1


>Outstanding bass response.

>Amazing clarity throughout the frequency range.

>Well-extended treble.

>Unique looks.

>Rich accessories(especially the amazing carry case).


>Slightly forward presentation for upper mids.

Order here.

Harmonic Dyne P.D.1: Unique Hybrid Combination Sub 400$.

Second Planar magnetic recommendation in this list, We just loved the Harmonicdyne P.D.1. Coming from a well-reputed HP manufacturer, the Harmonic Dyne P.D.1 brings us a powerful bass response with a hybrid combination of a Planar driver and a Dynamic driver. The pair has an immersive U-Shaped sound signature with elevated bass and treble frequencies. HarmonicDyne P.D.1 is available for 380$.

HarmonicDyne P.D.1-1


>Powerful Energetic sound tuning.

>Deep hitting impactful bass response.

>Excellent craftsmanship with well-finished aluminum alloy earpieces.


>Colored Warm tonality.

>Too energetic.

Order here.

Moondrop Variations: The Best One Can Buy Around 500$.

Yes I know I went slightly overboard the 500$ budget limit here, but the Moondrop Variations is too good to ignore for just 20$ more. The pair packs a tribrid combination of 2 EST+2 BA+1 DD per side producing the best possible experience around the 500$ segment. Moondrop Variations is not just the best under 500$, in fact, it is among my recommendations under the 1000$ price tag too!! The pair delivers what it is made to deliver, an exceptional sound experience that is highly detailed, energetic sound. It maintains a sweet spot between energetic and fatiguing, We have spent countless hours listening to our favorite music on Variations. I am personally using this as my daily dose of music!! 520$ well spent.

Moondrop Variations-1


>Fantastic Tuning.

>Excellent detailing, EST drivers do their magic here.

>Cable with interchangeable terminations.

>Quality Dynamics.

>Wide, Airy Soundstage.


>Very slight lean touch to its tonality(Nitpicking).

Order here.

Well, that’s it. Yeah, we promised you the top five, but we have these six as our top performers for the sub 500$ price segments. It’s really hard to find our topmost favorite among these as all six of these are the best for their respected price segments. We sincerely hope this blog helps you find your next favorite gear. In case of any query or questions, Feel free to contact our customer service at support@hifigo.com or at our official Facebook page here.

You can know more about our shipping policy below.

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【SuperLine】5-8 Days , FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo.

Express FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide.

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