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Setup Suggestions: USB DAC/AMP+IEM Combinations For Apple Music Lossless

Setup Suggestions: USB DAC/AMP+IEM Combinations For Apple Music Lossless

Apple launched its much-awaited Lossless quality update to the Apple Music application earlier this year. Among all the streaming music services, Apple Music serves the largest library and is available to most parts of the world. Their Lossless update brought High-Res streaming support to countries where Tidal and Qobuz were not available easily. Now the only issue with enjoying high-resolution lossless music streaming over Apple Music is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack with Apple devices. Yes, we know Apple Music is also available on Android devices, but it’s 2021, most of the smartphone manufacturers have dropped the 3.5mm jacks. But don’t you worry when we at HiFiGo have got you covered. We have curated a list of some of the top-performing USB DAC/headphone Amps that you can pair with your Apple and Android devices and enjoy Apple Lossless Music to its full potential. So, why waste any more time, let’s begin.

Apple Music Setup Suggestion-1

Audirect Atom 2:-

Price: 79.99$.

Starting off, we have the Audirect Atom 2. Simply one of our favorites. This compact beauty packs a punch within itself with its high-performance ES9281AC Sabre DAC chipset. Don’t go on the compact form factor of Atom 2, this little beast provides you support for 32-Bit/768kHz PCM as well as native DSD512 decoding. Atom 2 also supports MQA decoding. It is more than capable of properly decoding the 24-Bit/192kHz Apple Lossless music to its full potential. Atom 2 achieves an ultra-low distortion rating of just 0.0004% ensuring high-quality performance for us.

Audirect Atom 2-1

The best part about Audirect Atom 2 is the availability of the same with Lightning Connector to directly connect it with Apple devices. It features a 3.5mm headphone jack that outputs up to 62mW of clean power which is adequate for most HiFi in-ear monitors.

What can be the best pairings for the Atom 2? What New IEM’s will pair well with the Atom 2?? We have curated some suggestions for you, you can choose the appropriate one based on your budget and sound preference.

Audirect Atom 2+BD005 Pro

Atom 2 & Kinera BD005 Pro:-

Setup Cost: 79.99$+49$= 128.99$.

BD005 Pro is an entry-level dual-driver Hybrid IEMs from the house of Kinera. It synergizes well with Atom 2 and provides you with an outstanding listening experience. One can easily connect the BD005 Pro with Atom 2 and use it with their iPhone or any other smartphone for that matter. BD005 Pro has a fun and engaging sound signature, excellent value for the asking price.

Atom 2+TRN VX Pro

Atom 2 & TRN VX Pro:-

Setup Cost: 79.99$+88.80$=168.79$.

Under 200$ this is among our default recommendations for an amazing, fun, powerful sound experience. The VX Pro houses a 9-driver hybrid configuration, capable of delivering great clarity and an impactful lower end. Atom 2 synergizes well with the VX Pro, creating an amazing setup for Apple Music on the go.

Atom 2+Yuan Li

Atom 2 & TForce Yuan Li:-

Setup Cost: 79.99$+119$=198.99$.

Yuan Li is the debutant pair from TForce Audio. It is grabbing many positive feedbacks from the community for its excellent sound performance. The vocal response of Yuan Li is absolute bliss to enjoy. It pairs well with the Atom 2 and at the same time comes easy on the pocket right just under the 200$ price tag. This is among the best setups under 200$ price segment for Apple Music specifically for its magical midrange response.

DD HiFi TC28i:-

Price: 29.90$.

DD HiFi TC28i-1

Did someone ever tell you, you can easily connect any USB Type-C DAC/Headphone AMP with your Apple devices? Here’s the DD HiFi TC28i for you which enables you to connect any USB Type-C earphone or DAC/AMP to use with your Apple devices with a Lightning port. It is a very useful device that you can buy if you already have a Type-C DAC/AMP device in your collection. It doesn’t add any specification of its own, rather lets the connected USB DAC/AMP provide its full functionality to Apple devices.

iBasso DC04+DD HiFi TC28i+7Hz Timeless:-

Setup Cost: 29.90$+224.99$+74.99$=329.90$.


Just above the 300$ price, this is the closest you can get to create a full-blown high-resolution stack with your apple smartphone and a Planar IEM. Timeless, the recently launched Planar magnetic driver IEM is the new FOTM(Feature Of The Month) with its impressive sound capabilities. DC04 is an award-winning Type-C USB DAC/AMP from the house of iBasso, it features a premium CS43131 DAC chip and a 4.4mm headphone connector. You can pair your earphones/headphones with balanced 4.4mm termination with the DC04 in your chain. This particular setup offers you a tremendously clean and powerful output to enjoy your favorite music to its full glory.

DD HiFi TC28i+THX Onyx+TForce Audio Yuan Li:-

Setup Cost: 29.90$+219.99$+119$=368.89$.

TC28i+THX Onyx+Yuan Li-1

This is by far the top-most stack recommendation from us for Apple devices. THX Onyx is a game-changer USB DAC/AMP that is equipped with a premium THX AAA amplifier architecture. This delivers unmatched performance with the lowest noise-floor and cleanest output with your Apple devices. The THX Onyx has a fixed Type-C cable so we need to have DD HiFi TC28i in the chain to connect it with the lightning port. Onyx offers splendid performance with a flagship-grade ESS Sabre ES9281PRO DAC chip.

Hidizs LT03:-

Price: 14.99$.

Hidizs LT03-1

Similar to the DD HiFi TC28i, the Hidizs LT03 is also a Lightning to USB Type-C OTG connector that you can use to connect your USB Type-C DAC/AMPs with Apple devices. It comes at a lower price point of just 14.99$ and offers the same functionality as the TC28i. LT03 has a premium build quality with aluminum alloy chassis and gold-plated connector ports. One can replace the DD HiFi TC28i in the above pairings and put the Hidizs LT03 to save a few bucks on the setup.

Hidizs LT03+iBasso DC04+7Hz Timeless:-

Setup Cost: 14.99$+224.99$+74.99$=314.97$


Tremendous performance with Planar IEM and premium DC04 USB DAC/AMP by iBasso.

Hidizs LT03+THX Onyx+TForce Audio Yuan Li:-

Setup Cost: 14.99$+219.99$+119$=353.98$.

LT03+THX Onyx+Yuan Li

Again a fantastic combination with THX Onyx and TForce Audio Yuan Li. We preferred this for the outstanding vocal presentation in this combination.

We know, we are not limited by Apple devices to enjoy Apple Music. Apple Music application is also available on Android devices. You can use any Type-C dongle with Android devices and enjoy Apple Music directly with them. In this, you save a few bucks on the Type-C to the lightning connector while everything else remains the same. But obviously, Apple applications are butter smooth running on their own devices.


Well, that’s about it. These are our top favorite DAC/AMP and IEM combinations or you can say setup suggestions that one can opt to enjoy Apple Music to its full potential. Apple Music changes the way we enjoy our favorite music. It is easily available worldwide with huge regional playlists, hope this helps you choose your next combination with us. For any other questions or queries feel free to write us at support@hifigo.com.

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