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MMCX vs 2 Pin Cables for IEM | IEM 101

MMCX vs 2 Pin Cables for IEM | IEM 101

No sound quality should differ much between MMCX vs 2 Pin.   

2Pin 0.78mm

  • It is possible to reverse phase by plugging one side in upside-down
  • Pins can break off inside the sockets (which can also get a little loose) sometimes. 
  • Since it doesn't allow the IEM to rotate freely it's easier to unintentionally put stress on the connection, for instance when stowing the IEM in its case. But recessed sockets are a good feature to reduce this. 

2pin 0.78mm connector


  • It only inserts one way - this isn't a problem with MMCX to reverse phase. 
  • Due to the way the cable can rotate freely inside the socket and the way it 'snaps' in and out when installing the cable.
  • MMCX also seems to be preferred removable cable for 'cable down' IEMs, probably due to the aforementioned 'snap-in' which prevents the cable weight and strain from pulling it out easily.

mmcx connector

Some newly upgraded MMCX connector is with thicker gold plating, improving connection and assuring longer lifespan, some companies claim that  upgraded MMCX connectors should withstand 4x more insertions than standard MMCX connector. It may be easily replaced in case of loss or breakage. Sony's EX series connectors have a collar that screws down onto the IEM to secure the connection. SMMCX like Q-Jays have,  is just a threaded MMCX connection but seems a lot more secure.



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