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Best USB Type-C DAC/AMP:- Lotoo Paw S1 Vs Cozoy Takt C Vs Audirect Hilidac Beam 2!!

Best USB Type-C DAC/AMP:- Lotoo Paw S1 Vs Cozoy Takt C Vs Audirect Hilidac Beam 2!!

Lotoo Paw S1, Audirect Hilidac Beam 2, and Cozoy TAKT C are the latest USB Type-C DAC/AMPs launched recently. All three of them are equipped with high-performance DAC chips capable of providing good quality sound output. Lotoo Paw S1 and Audirect Hilidac Beam 2 have a balanced port along with an unbalanced one while the Cozoy TAKT C just has one 3.5mm unbalanced port. Today we are going to compare the three of them and decide which is the best among them.

Technical Specifications:-

Specifications Lotoo Paw S1

Cozoy TAKT C

Audirect Hilidac Beam 2
PRICE (USD) 165$ 115$ 139.99$
DAC Chip AK4377M ESS9018Q2C ES9218C Pro
Input Type USB - C/Lightning USB - C USB - C/Lightning
Output Type 3.5mm/4.4mm 3.5mm 3.5mm/2.5mm
Output power: 120mW@32Ω 28mW@32Ω 240mW@32Ω
Operating System supported Android, Windows,
Mac OS & Linux 
Android, Windows,
Mac OS, Linux
Android, Windows,
Mac OS,  Linux
PCM  Up to 32bit/384kHz Up to 32bit/384kHz Up to 32bit/384kHz
DSD (Direct Stream Digital) Native DSD up to 128 Native DSD up to 256 Native DSD up to 128
Volume Control  Yes Yes No
App No No No
Bluetooth No No No
Build-in Battery No No No
Built-in Microphone No No No
Signal To Noise Ratio 123dB 120dB 118dB
Accessories 1*DC02 1*USB C to USB C, USB C to USB A adapter, Lightning Cable if Buy Lightning edition. 1*DAC 1*DAC, 1* USB C to USB C, 1* USB C to Lightning, 1* USB A to USB C.
MQA Playback No No Yes


Build Quality:-

Lotoo PAW S1-1

Even though all three of the DAC/AMPs are well built, the Lotoo Paw S1 has the best build and looks. It features an OLED display that is unique to it in all the DAC/AMPs available currently in the market. The display shows basic info like active PCM/DSD input signal, volume level, gain mode, or active EQ settings. There is no display in the other two DAC/AMPs here. Cozoy TAKT C has a simple and classy look with an all-aluminum build, volume, and media play/pause button on the front. It looks elegant and has a screwless body. Though all-aluminum build gets a bit warm during operation. The Hilidac Beam 2 has average looks but good build quality, it comes in different colors. The main drawback with Hilidac Beam 2 is no hardware volume control keys on it. In terms of build quality, the order among the three is as follows.

Lotoo Paw S1> Cozoy TAKT C> Hilidac Beam 2.


Lotoo PAW S1 and Audirect Hilidac beam 2 have detachable connector cables while the Cozoy TAKT C has a fixed USB Type C connector cable. The PAW S1 comes with a USB Type C to USB Type C cable and a USB Type C to USB Type-A adapter. If you buy the 180$ priced lightning edition, you get an extra Lightning connector cable with the Lotoo Paw S1. Audirect Hilidac Beam 2 comes with a USB Type C to Type C connector cable, a USB Type C to Lightning cable and a USB Type C to Type A connector in the package. So, the Hilidac Beam 2 has the most connectors included in the package, and the Cozoy TAKT C can only connect to Android phones or laptops with a USB Type C port straight out of the box.

Output Power:-

Audirect Hilidac Beam 2

Cozoy TAKT C is the only DAC/AMP among the three we are discussing today that features a single 3.5mm unbalanced port. The other two have two output ports, one balanced and one unbalanced. Audirect Hilidac Beam 2 has a 2.5mm balanced port and a 3.5mm unbalanced port. Lotoo Paw S1 has a 4.4mm balanced port and a 3.5mm unbalanced port. The TAKT C has an output power of up to 28mW at 32ohms through its unbalanced port while the Lotoo PAW S1 outputs 120mW at 32mW through its 4.4mm balanced port and the Audirect Hilidac Beam 2 has a whooping output power of unto 240mW at 32mW from the 2.5mm balanced port. The Cozoy TAKT C output enough power to power up IEMs and earbuds easily while the other two can also power headphones. In terms of output power, the order among the three is as follows.

Audirect Hilidac Beam 2>Lotoo Paw S1>Cozoy TAKT C.

Sound Quality:-

In terms of sound quality, all three of them produces a powerful and clean sound output. Though they are different in their own way. Lotoo PAW S1 produces a natural and Fuller sound output, Cozoy TAKT C produces a neutral and detailed sound output, and the Audirect Hilidac Beam 2 has crisp clear sound output. The sound output is pitch black with a dark background. Micro details pop out with good clarity on a wide soundstage.

>Bass shows good natural depth with the Lotoo Paw S1, Mids and vocals are natural with good texture and tonality, the treble area is well extended and shows beautiful details. Instruments carry a natural tonality and timbre, the overall output feels smooth.

>With the Hilidac Beam 2 the lower end has deep snappy thumps with good layered sound output, mids are rich with crisp clarity and lush details, the treble portion is very smooth and shows great instrument separation.

>Cozoy TAKT C has a bright sound signature, the bass is fast and aggressive, mids show beautiful airy details, vocals sound natural, the treble portion is pretty detailed and crisp. The overall output is very detailed and bright.

>All three of them produced wide soundstage with outstanding imaging capabilities.

>Audirect Hilidac Beam 2 is the only one among the three that supports MQA decoding.

Final Verdict:-

Cozoy TAKT C

All three produces very good sound quality, they all perform well. Though we have a benefit of an OLED display and 4.4mm balanced plug with the Lotoo PAW S1, it looks very rich and premium. The Audirect Hilidac Beam 2 has a benefit of MQA decoding and 2.5mm balanced plug over the other two. The Cozoy TAKT C has a few drawbacks like more battery drain, no balanced port, but it excels in classy and elegant looks with an all-aluminum build and DSD256 decoding.

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