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18 Best tracks to test the overall performance of your Hi-Fi equipment in 2020

18 Best tracks to test the overall performance of your Hi-Fi equipment in 2020

“HiFi” actually means “high fidelity,” using rapidly improving recording and playback techniques of the 1950s and 60s, whether mono or stereo, with great attention being paid to recording and playback quality. The goal is to accurately create the audio illusion of musicians sharing the space with the home listener.

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For many listeners, any equipment is good enough if they can hear songs on it. But for audiophiles, testing the various aspects of sound reproduction through the equipment is an absolute essential. This can be done by analysing various aspects of the sonic character offered by the equipment. Each of these sonic characters can be tested by playing certain kinds of musical patterns.

These are the typical sonic aspects an audiophile will go for, when testing the performance of Hi-fi equipment:

  • Dynamic Range
  • Mid frequency response
  • High(treble) frequency response
  • Low(bass) frequency response
  • Overall Tonal Balance
  • Timing & Rhythm aspects
  • Spatial Separation
  • Quality of attack and decay
  • Detail and Mix quality


Tracks for testing the Dynamic Range:


Rhapsody in Blue – George Gershwin

A life in music – John Williams 

Tracks for testing the Mid-Range Frequency Response:


I Put a spell on you – Nina Simone

The Holy Men – World Saxophone Quartet


Tracks for testing the High Frequency Response:

Terry’s Song – Bruce Springsteen

 Lonesome Lover – Max Roach


Tracks for testing the Low Frequency Response:

Uh Uh – Thundercat

Angel – Massive Attack


Tracks for testing the Overall Tonal Balance:

The National Anthem – Radiohead

Rosanna – Toto


Tracks for testing the Timing & Rhythm aspects:

Spoon – Can

15 Step – Radiohead


Tracks for testing Spatial Separation:

Right Where It Belongs – Ninch Inch Nails

Turns Your Lights Down – Bob Marley and The Wailers



Tracks for Testing the Quality of Attack & Delay:

The Rite of Spring – Igor Stravinsky

Das Spiegel – Chemical Brothers


Tracks for Testing the Detail and Mix Quality:

Monatgues and Capulets – Sergei Prokofiev

Orinoco Flow – Enya


Multiple tracks from the categories above can be used to test multiple aspects of the sonic character. Personal preferences play an extremely vital role because your kind of equipment should produce your kind of sound.

If you prefer a low or boom balance, then you must go for the equipment offering good low or boom balanced mix. At the end of the day, listening to music on your Hifi system should be an enhancing and enjoyable experience for you.


We will keep sharing regular updates, latest news and more recommendations on world music here. So stay tuned, keep enjoying the good music and watch this space for more.


By: Atul Pandey

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