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Signal to noise ratio / SNR; > 120dB
Output power; 30mW dual channel @320, 6.7mW dual channel @6009
Dynamic range / DNR; > 120dB
Distortion / THD + N; <0.0003%
PcM decoding capability; 32bit/384kH
Frequency response / FR; 20HZ -40kHZ
DSD decoding capability; DSD64/DSD128
Output load; 169~6009 adaptive
Compatible with most USB Type-C interface devices on the market, depending on the device system or hardware, compatibility may vary.
This product has no built-in microphone, it can support most wire control with wheat headset call
There is no built-in battery, and the power is taken through the USB interface during operation, which consumes only a small amount of mobile phone power. Actual power consumption is related to the way of use and mobile phone system
The above data are all derived from the Meizu laboratory test average


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  • How does this differ from the Meizu HiFi DAC Pro? They look to be the same specs wise, so I'm confused as to why the pro version costs more.

    Meizu hifi pro is different from hifi dac.The Meizu HiFi DAC Pro comes with Ti OPA1622 Audio Operational Amplifier, HiFi pro with He-res certification. HIFI Pro uses braided cable.