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HiFi in-ear dynamic & balanced armature hybrid earphone

Metal injection molding (MIM)

  • Austenite 316 stainless steel and the latest MIM process, the stainless steel heated to 1300 ℃ high temperature injection molding, ear shell accuracy of ± 0.3%, the thinnest wall thickness of less than 0.5mm

Silver-plated OFC (oxygen free copper) woven earphone wire

  • In order to let you hear more delicate and more natural, full rounded sound, the wire used a single 25-pin, 4 shares of 100 cores silver-plated OFC (oxygen free copper) woven wire. It is 3 to 4 times lower than the traditional wire impedance, reduce the loss of signal transmission, enhance the high-frequency extension, low-frequency dive deeper, restore more pure sound quality

Dynamic + metal balanced armature diaphragm element

  • Dynamic and balanced armature use capacitance frequency, low-frequency、medium- frequency and high-frequency sound show natural convergence.

  • Dynamic + balanced armature combination, integrate dynamic and analytical advantages, restore rich music details

  • Put the two into the same headset, the vigorous low-frequency of dynamic driver and the clear high-frequency of balanced armature combination play the advantages of both to the extreme, so that both issued a wider range, the details are more rich and delicate.

  • The use of dynamic and balanced armature speakers, in the same cavity space, both can have a balanced armature earplugs which had big sound density, excellent resolution and clear sense of the line, but also get dynamic ring earplugs have excellent low-frequency performance, and consequently to the excellent sense of the atmosphere, is the best complex of sound quality and music.

MMCX pluggable change cable scheme


  • Using coaxial MMCX interface, easy to plug, better versatility and customizable play

Adjustable mixer program

  • GT600s can emphasize the different sonic parts of the music, replace the tuning nozzle to adjust your headset sound quality type according to different types of music.

  • Bass: Black

  • Recommended suitable music type: HipHop, heavy metal

  • Standard tone: silver

  • Recommended suitable music type: All types

  • Treble enhancement: gold

  • Recommended suitable music type: classical, non-accompaniment music



  • Speaker type: Dynamic + balanced armature

  • Sensitivity: 98dB @ 1kHz

  • DC impedance: 16Ω

  • Frequency response range: 10-40KHz

  • Rated power: 4mW

  • Wire length: 110cm

  • Plug diameter: 3.5mm

  • Plug type: Straight



  • GT600s in-ear earphone

  • Silicone tips(S/M/L)

  • Standard interchangeable filter (silver)

  • Enhanced bass filter (Black)

  • Enhanced treble filter (Gold)

  • Memory tips (2 pairs)

  • Premium leather pouch

GT600s 790


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