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  • The Lowest Distortion AK4495 Player. The DX220 is equipped with the latest Mango audio player APP, with a new complete new user interface. Android OS is used to support Mango player only. Please do not load other Android Apps to iBasso devices as it may not be compatible with Apps designed for Smartphones.
  • Three Standards Quick Charger Less Time on Charge, More Time on Enjorment Supports QC3.0, PD2.0, MTK PE Plus, three kinds of charging protocols. Charge up to 70% in just one hour. 4400mAh battery capacity, plenty of juicy to serve the Hi-End components.
  • The DX220 is the first portable player to support two-way Bluetooth 5.0, which provides native support for LDAC and aptX.
  • Powerful Professional Parametric EQ: In addition to the 10 bands graphical EQ, the DX220 adds a more professional parametric EQ, providing a total of 8 kinds of filters in 6 segments. Each filter can be customized with central frequency, gain and quality factor. The PEQ also has a detailed visual adjustment capabilities.
  • Support of MQA: MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) captures 100% of the original studio performance, then folds the file to make it small enough to stream. The DX220 includes MQA technology, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams. enjoying the sound of the original master recording.


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  • How many sd card slots?

    There is one - I put a 512gb simcard in, have 12,500 songs on the card and its only 75% full.   

  • Does tidal offline work with the ibasso dx220?


  • Do the ibasso dx220 screen turn horizontal on tidal and other apps with easy? I wanted one not only to listen to music but to watch videos. thank you


  • Does the parametric eq work with other apps like youtube?

    iBasso DX220 is not optimized for streaming audio applications, such as YouTube. The manufacturer recommends music playback after downloading music files to internal memory or external SD card. Streaming may be intermittently interrupted during playback.    The PEQ only works in Android and with the music system on the DX220 but not with other apps.