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Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player

by HiFiGo
SKU H000758

Original Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Portable Music Player Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-x Hifi DSD DAC MP3 FLAC Support 256 DOP CTIA Type-C 

Features of Cayin N3(Black/BLUE/red) Portable Music Player 

  • A compact and lightweight music player that can tuck into your jeans when hanging out
  • An entry-level DAP with incredible digital audio decoding capability
  • Bluetooth v4.0 with apt-X enables wireless transmission for lossless music
  • Solid aluminum chassis with soft, anti-slip pleather back
  • Capacitive Touch button with vibrating feedback
  • Support CITA standard headphones
  • Can serve as USB-DAC for your computer or mobile device
  • Unique dual “DoP” digital output from Type-C Connector
Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player 1

    Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player2Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player 3Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A3Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A4Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A5Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A6Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A7Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A8Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A9Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A10Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A11Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A12Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A13Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A14Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A15Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player-A16


    Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player 17

    Sound Signature Review for Cayin N3 DAC Lossless Aptx Hifi Portable Music Player on Audiofool

    This is the hardest part for me. Trying to discern what coloration is being added by the DAP and what is caused by the rest of the system means putting in a lot of time and really knowing every piece of equipment in the chain. For that reason, I have a list of tracks I always use, and a handful of headphones/earphones that always get used as I know their biases and can then use that information to tell what is being introduced by the player. For the N3 the two words that come to mind are Neutral and Clear. To me, this is about the best thing you can say about a DAP. I could not discern any coloration that was imparted by this player. It might lean just a touch to the warm side, but again this could well be my other choices rather than the player itself. Clarity was better than expected with micro-detail being well rendered. (Admittedly this was evident mostly when using the device as a DAC into my home system). I do think perhaps the DAC chip is slightly better than the opamp it is paired with for earphone listening as I could pick out more detail when using the N3 as transport or DAC with the USB to coaxial than when listening directly from the 3.5mm output.

    Probably the most interesting thing to me is that the AK4490’s digital filters are very audible. The UI offers sharp, short delay sharp, slow, super slow delay, and short delay slow. Differences in the latter three are very subtle if audible for me. Differences in the first 3 listed are clearly audible.

    Sharp is great when paired with a planar like the Fostex or Alpha Dog. Very fast attack and decay with lots of treble sparkles and good slam. Probably the least musical of the filters and the most obviously “digital” sound signature but quite possibly my favorite of the bunch.

    Short delay sharp is a bit more laid back, slightly smoother around the edges but retains some of the sparkle and edge of sharp.

    Slow = smooth. All the sharp edges are gone and what is left is thick and warm. It might be best paired with a headphone that tends to get a bit harsh as it smooths out a lot of roughness. Unfortunately for me, it also masked some of the detail and was probably my least favorite.


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