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i5 will decode PCM format up to 32bits/384kHz and support native DSD
i5 can connect with bluetooth audio devices and support thrid party applications
32GB internal memory, one TF card up to 200GB external memory
You can access to your music anywhere, anytime
USB type C, fast and comprehensive
i5 can become the digital audio source for your home entertainment system
4800mAh battery
Uncompromised audio hardware: AKM AK4490, PGA2311, AD712, OPA1652 and BUF634

Native DSD Decoding DST ebcided SACD USO
I5 will meet all your listening requirements and can playback many audio formats.
It will decode PCM format up to 32bits/384kHz, and support native DSD.
Decoding (up to 5.6MHz), including DST encoded ISO files.

We know your music listening requirementsAndroid 4.4 based Embedded HiBy Music Player
The operation that you feel at home
i5 Can connect with blue tooth audio devices and become your wireless music player
i5 support third party applications and when connected to WiFi, you can conveniently access music from LAN, via DLAN or through DropBox

High Fidelity and Convenient
Through audiophile considerations during implementation
Optimized for online and wireless listening

Portable Player, Portable Music
Dimension: 126x64x14mm(~196g)
Fit into your hand perfectly
Handy when used on-the-go

32G Internal Memory, One TF card up to 200GB External Memory
The USB Type C connector work with external storage such as thumb drive or memory card, the memory capacity can be increased immensely

Cloud Server, LAN, DLNA
You can access to your music anywhere, anytime
Login Dropbox for direct playback or download to local storage
File sharing or remote playback from LAN or DLNA

USB Type C, Fast and Comprehensive
Transmit data at 50MB/s(USB3.0)
Data transfer, charging and USB DAC
All-in-one connection port
Impressive Duration
4800mAh Battery
Offline playback ~ 11 hours
Wifi playback ~ 10 hours






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