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Pro service to Europe 2-3weeks; Pro to Japan 8-12days; Pro to USA: 10-16 days since 25th,May shipment
Pro service to Europe 2-3weeks; Pro to Japan 8-12days; Pro to USA: 10-16 days since 25th,May shipment

Technical Specifications:-

  • Certified THX AAA 888 amplification circuit
  • Dual Audio Inputs, one balanced XLR input, and one unbalanced RCA input
  • Dual Audio Outputs, one balanced XLR output, and one unbalanced 6.35mm headphone output
  • Output Power:- 6W x 2(16ohms), 3W x 2(32ohms), 440mW x2(300ohms), and 220mw x2(600ohms)
  • Signal to noise ratio:130dB
  • A-weighted output noise: 2.8uV
  • THD+N: -122dB, 0.00007%(1kHz,32ohms)
  • THD+N: -117dB, 0.00013%(20Hz-20kHz, 32ohms, -3dB)
  • THD+N: -125dB, 0.00006%(1kHz, 16ohms, -3dB)
  • Output Impedance Supported: 0-600 ohms
  • Frequency response range: 0.1Hz- 500kHz(-3dB)
  • Dual gain modes: Low Gain(+6dB), and High Gain(+18dB)
  • Power Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 24W
  • Power Consumption in standby mode: <0.1W
  • Size: 160x149x72
  • Weight: 772grams

SMSL sp200 is the latest desktop headphone amplifer from S.M.S.L, a china based brand which manufactures worldwide famous products, like the desktop amplifier range from them.

The Sp200 is the latest desktop headphone amplifier which has a THX-certified amplification circuit designed by THX, the THX AAA 888 which provides ample amplification to power even the most power hoggin headphones, like planar ones.

Dual Audio Inputs and Output Ports:-

The SMSL SP200 comes with dual audio input and output ports, one balanced XLR input port, and one RCA audio input ports, and you can get output through a balanced XLR port or an unbalanced 6.35mm headphone output port, which gives a monstrous output of approx 220mW at 600 ohms load, providing more than enough power for any of your headphones.

THX Certified Amplification Circuit:-

The SMSL SP200 has a THX-certified amplification circuit, the THX AAA 888 which allows the amplifier to reach its maximum sound output power and pressure level without any distortion in the output, giving you a noise and jitter-free sound amplification, the music will be crispy and detailed with more than enough output power.

The THX circuitry provides excellent audio performance while giving out ample output power, and maintaining a low distortion in the output quality. THX has a patented linear bipolar circuitry with feed-forward error correction technology, which provides a great sound quality and a natural and crisp sound output.

Dual Gain Modes:-

The SMSL Sp200 comes with dual gain modes, low gain and high gain, where the low gains gives you a gain of 6dB and high gain gives you a whooping 18db of volume gain, while still maintaining that perfect sound quality output with no sibilance and crisp details.

Simple and Elegant Design with Retro Switches:-

SMSL Sp200 has a simple and elegant design with retro switches, and an analog rotating volume control, you can switch between different outputs and gain modes just by using different switches on the front of the amplifier.

24W Power Supply Unit:-

The SMSL Sp200 comes with ultra-low noise, 24W power supply unit with a power input rating of AC100-240V, 50-60Hz, you will never hear any power supply sound even with longer usage of the device.

Features of SP200

THX AAA-888 Technology Ultra-Compact design - great for desktop Toggle switch for operation, input selection, and gain control Balanced stereo headphone output Balanced stereo line input High precision resistors for temperature stability Pop-less design with high quality relays Selected high precision low-distortion volume potentiometer Full protection with DC, over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit Thermal protection on headphone amplifier High-efficiency ultra-low noise power supply. 
The SP200 comes with an included AC power supply and is equipped with XLR and RCA inputs. The front panel has XLR and quarter-inch jack outputs, options for switching between different inputs and choosing high or low gain. A detailed review for the SP200 and its performance is provided by Amir on Audio Science Review.
The SP200 has a balanced stereo headphone output, a balanced stereo line input comes with high precision resistors for temperature stability, and a high-efficiency ultra-low noise power supply.

Audio Science Review Highlights:

"THX seems to have revolutionized the mid to high-priced headphone amplifier market. It provides a winning combination of vanishingly low distortion and tons of power." - Amir on ASR
"Great to see a new price point also in THX amps. You can add a $100 DAC to SP200 and still be cheaper than the other THX offerings. Needless to say, it is my absolute pleasure to recommend SMSL SP200. It makes THX headphone amplifiers more affordable and gets rid of clutter on your desk to boot" - Amir on ASR


  • Please turn down the volume before connecting the headphones to avoid excessive volume damage to the headset.
  • Please turn off the power before connecting the headphones, otherwise the headphones protection circuit might get triggered and damage your headphones.
  • According to the advice of health experts, do not listen to the headphones for a long time so as not affect your hearing.
  • The product uses an IEC power socket with grounding. Please ensure that the power cord is well-grounded to prevent accidental electric shock.


Package Contents:-

  • One unit SMSL Sp200
  • One Power Supply Cable
  • Instructions manual










Balanced x 1
Unbalanced x 1


Balanced x 1
Unbalanced x 1

Output Power:

6W x 2 (16ohm)
3W x 2 (32ohm)
440mW x 2 (300ohm)
220mW x 2 (600ohm)

SNR: 130dB

A-Weighted Output Noise: 2.8uV,

A-Weighted THD+N: -122dB, 0.00007% (1kHz, 32ohm)

THD+N: -117dB, 0.00013% (20 - 20kHz, 32ohm, -3dB)

THD: -125dB, 0.00006% (1kHz, 16ohm, -3dB)

Output Impedance: Near 0ohm

Frequency Response: 0.1Hz - 500kHz(-3dB)

Gain: Low(+6dB), High(+18dB)

Power Supply Voltage/Frequency: AC100-240V, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption (EN60065): 24W

Power Consumption in Standby Mode: < 0.1W

Size: 160 x 149 x 73 mm

Weight: 772g


Ask a Question
  • Is there an Australian plug outlet option for this unit?

    Yes, it within Australian plug

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